FAQs about Asmae

Do you want to know more about me? Here are some of the more commonly asked questions, separated into categories.

Personal : 

Who are you?

My name is Asmae MAHFOUD. I was born on 21st of March in 1992, to my Moroccan parents in Sidi Slimane. I have two younger brothers. I’m close to my little brother Zakaria I call him Zaki, he is more than my brother : He is my baby boy. I blog for fun and have been doing so since 2011.

Why do people read your blog?

I’ve been told that I am funny and they also told me that they love my taste of fashion. And thank you to everyone who read my blog.

How tall are you?

My height is 1.62 m, and yes I am short.

How heavy are you?

All my life I’ve never been skinnier than 37 kg or heavier than 50 kg.

How can I contact you?



I’d love to work with you, whether you’re an independent designer or a large e-commerce destination for plus shoppers. Large and small stores are welcome to contact me, and we can develop a promotional plan that includes banner placement, in-text mentions, or sponsored reviews.

You can send me your products and i’ll start promoting your label both from my blog  my facebook page and twitter account .

Contact me on : mmasmae@gmail.com

Social media 

Any questions?

Formspring .

Any suggestions? 

mmasmae@gmail.com .

Any new followers?

@MMAsmae .

Do you have a tumblr?

Yes, Tumblr

Do I have a facebook page?

Yes,  Facebook page : My name is Asmae .


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