I love receiving e-mails from “My name is Asmae” readers, they always make my day. So if you have any fashion questions or if you want to share your style. Just contact me on :


I’d love to work with you, whether you’re an independent designer or a large e-commerce destination for plus shoppers. Large and small stores are welcome to contact me, and we can develop a promotional plan that includes banner placement, in-text mentions, or sponsored reviews.
You can send me your products and i’ll start promoting your label both from my blog  my facebook page and twitter account .

Sponsorship options include:

  • Dedicated Posts: Plan featured posts about your label or store.
  • Featured Giveaways: Give your company exposure in a featured post, while providing someone with a special gift via random selection.
  • Banner Ads: Advertise using a banner ad, placed on the right-hand column of the blog.

Email me at to work out a sponsorship.


Don’t forget to  Contact me via the links below too, thank you so much 🙂

Any questions? Formspring .

Any suggestions? .

Any new followers? @MMAsmae .

I will be more than happy to ask you, to join the  Facebook page : My name is Asmae .

Keep in touch ~Xoxo


2 thoughts on “Contact/Sponsor/Ads”

  1. I want to know from where I can get your kaftan collections in dubai

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