In our lives we meet many people that we call or called friends.

49b7536e-05b9-45e7-969e-b362cab9f1dd-sophie_computerSo I am going to talk about the types of friends I got in my life.

Childhood friends

You meet them at school, or you know them because your parents know each other.

Childhood friends are the best, they love you because you play with them, because you have fun with them. They do idiot thing with you, without boundaries.

Unfortunately, we all grow up and our way of thinking changes and by growing up we lose many things including friends.

Highschool friends

My cousin once told me :’ Highschool friends are the ones who will disappoint you the most”

I don’t say that they have ugly personalities or they are evils, not at all. Highschool is the starts of your future, the start of what you are going to do in your whole life. So everyone was focusing on achieving their dreams even if by that we/they may loose many good friendship.

Highschool friends make you stronger and make you look to people differently.

University friends

They will always be there for you, you always can count on them. They don’t want to lose you, they will always try their best to help you and to entertain you.

Fun friends

You go out with them, you have fun with them but you never count on them. They will not be here if you are depressed, poor, ugly or sick.

They will always disappoint you.

Candy crush  friends : (this one is just for fun

They are the providers of your lives, they also afford you tickets.

How amazing is that :D


I don’t have a lots of friends, but I always keep the one I have very close.  

The one…

Not Dolce Gabbana’s perfume …

My dad always asks me, how I imagine my husband?! I always answer rich and that’s always annoys him.


*My parents never appreciate the people who get married for money or status.

Women never know what they want and I am not an exception, but I guess I am looking for someone who will be proud to be with me.

Yeah, that may seem crazy but It’s very important to me that the one with whom I will be spending the rest of my life with, has to be :

  • Proud to love me.
  • Proud to sit with in public events.
  • Proud of me being his wife.
  • Proud of my beauty.
  • Proud of my craziness.
  • Proud of my stupidity
  • Proud that I sacrifice many things for him.
  • Proud to hold hand with me in public. (yes because not all the couples hold hands in public)
  • Proud to present me to his best friends.
  • And mostly proud to love me the way I am.


Any men can do it, I mean he has just to truly love me. I guess

People say !


People say  that distance doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter race doesn’t matter money doesn’t matter. But, every inch and mm of whatever you think doesn’t matter does matter.

People say you are going to successfly survive, but they don’t know.

People say they are sorry, but they don’t really mean it.

People say you have to make choices, life is full of choices, but what if I spend every second regretting it.

People say there is always a happy ending, but I say there is always an end but not always happy, it may also be heartful.

People say never give up, but not giving up may be a waste of time.

People say  they are just kidding, but there is always a reason behind their words

People say we will always be there for you but when you need them they disappear

People say that they like you but they hate you behind your back.


Don’t listen to what people say, watch what they do.


22 things about being 22


22 things about being 22


1) The best thing about it; is I am less stupid than I was at 21st year old.

2) I feel so productive

3) I feel happier

4) The countdown began for many upcoming happy events InshAllah ;)

5) I feel talented.

6) I have more responsibilities than before

7) I am more tolerant, I mean I don’t judge people anymore (unless they are celebrities of course :D )

8) I find reality tv shows very silly.

9) I like to cook and to clean my house (When I was in Morocco, I have never done any of the house cleaning)

10) I take care more of my body because I know that I am not getting any younger.

11) I don’t expect anything from anyone, I don’t really care if anyone calls me or not.

This rule includes family, friends and acquaintances : If you call me, I will answer if not I won’t even think about you.

12) I don’t care about what people do, I also don’t feel the need to share my life with them.

13) Tuning 22 is magical because you know who are your real friends, the one who will be there for you no matter what.

14) I feel old

15) My mom asks me for advises about life issues

16) I am so moody -I have always been so moody.

17)  My family are getting weird about me getting married.

18) I appreciate more the little things in my life.

20) I figured out that my brothers love me more than anything

21) I have many years to reach my goals. Insha’Allah

22) I am probably more confident about who I am today. AlHamdellah

Cool or not cool ?!

As you may know or not know, I have been raised by a very successful music producer and compositor. I mean my dad :D

He actually taught me how to love music.

So these days my dad introduced to me the hit of the moment in Morocco, I quote ” Look for Enty Saad Lamjarred Vs Dj Van”. I was like, Lah I don’t think so; I don’t like Saad Lamjarred since Ramadan 2011 because of inwi’s advertisement Sa3a Sa3ida. He insisted so I did…

When I saw the number of views I was like : Here is another silly famous song without any soul or any meaning.

*Gangnam style  is the most viewed song in YouTube but it remains a silly, annoying and very stupid song.

So I genuinely wanted to know why this song become a cultural phenomenon, why so many people love it and why so many others love to hate it…

Surprise, Surprise !

This song isn’t famous just to be famous, I really like this fun song ! It’s the kind of songs that makes  BUZZ.

It’s the kind of songs that make you smile, it’s great for parties with friends or weddings….Hahahaha Not weddings !

It’s a cool song and I am loving it ;)

For any suggestions contact me on :

Ugly wedding rings

I was watching  one of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s old interviews with Ellen Degeneres and she mentioned that she already bought three rings so her boyfriend won’t buy an ugly ring to propose. She also said that she prefers that her boyfriend proposes her at the Tiffany’s so she can choose her ring by herself. Ellen seemed so surprised hearing this…

But I so agree with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Imagine yourself wearing an ugly ring all your life.



*Let’s face it even Lady Gaga will refuse this ring.

Ladies, If any guy buys you this ring to propose, just say NO. Remember you are supposed to wear it your whole life unless you have other plans ;)

I am the kind of persons who doesn’t really like surprises, I like to planify everything and to know every detail. My birthday gifts are always choosen by me, I actually make a list of what I want. I just don’t like to get useless and ugly gifts. I am such a selfish spoiled daughter :D

I hate surprises please don’t ever surprise me with gifts or anything because no matter what it is I will hate it I’m sorry!